What to expect on the day of your shoot

If this is your first professional photo session, you might have a lot of questions about what to expect on the day of the session. The session will be tailored to you, to make your experience fun and stress-free. Before we start the photoshoot, we will discuss details such as  your children’s temperaments and personalities, answering all of your questions so you’ll go into the experience relaxed and prepared. The goal isn’t just to produce great photos – it’s also to offer you an experience that you’ll treasure. 

DSC_7790DSC_7790 Scheduling

Careful scheduling can be a key to success, especially when working with families with small children. We will schedule your session to work seamlessly with your family’s routine. Taking into consideration things like mealtimes, nap times, and your children’s moods during particular times of day can help to avoid problems and capture your children when they are happy, rested and at their best. 


Outdoor photo sessions can be very rewarding, but they also depend on good weather. Excessive heat or cold can be hazardous to subject and photographer alike, and rain can drive everyone indoors. If bad weather threatens to mar a scheduled photo session, we will keep in contact with you as the day of the session approaches so we can decide whether to reschedule to another convenient time or move indoors to a studio setting.


Children tend to go at their own pace – and that’s fine. On the day of your session, we will work with you and your family to make sure everyone has an enjoyable, relaxed experience. If that means your preschooler needs to take a break for a snack, or your baby needs a new diaper and a change of clothes, you should feel comfortable to take the time you need. We know that a great photo session takes flexibility and patience.

Staying Positive

When children are in front of the camera, an unfamiliar photographer, a new location, or being the centre of attention might make them feel uncomfortable, making it more difficult to get that perfect shot. Unfortunately, children don’t always take direction as easily as we might hope. We use only positive reinforcement and encouragement with the children we photograph, to make the experience pleasant and stress-free for them. We encourage parents to stay positive with their kids during the session, even when things might get frustrating. If the children aren’t happy, it will show in the photographs.

What should I bring Checklist?

We at Exposed Focus Photography want to make your portrait session as easy (and fun!) as possible for you, so that is why we've compiled a general list of tips and information to help you prepare for your upcoming session with us.  Each session is unique, so there may be extra items to bring in addition to those listed below. If you have any questions at all about what you may need during your session, please do not hesitate to ask!

Newborns & Babies:

Baby wipes
Extra milk  
Any props you want incorporated
Favourite blanket
Extra shirt for both mum and dad


Comb or brush 
Extra change of clothes
Favorite snack 
Favorite Juice
Favourite Toy
Favourite Games


Comb or brush 
Extra change of clothes
Cell phone (if meeting on location)