Session Themes



Newborn portraits capture your little one during the first days of life, whether in candid moments at home, with Mom and Dad, or in artistic poses. A photo session with a newborn can be challenging, so expect it to take a little extra time and patience. It’s best to schedule the session at a time when your baby is most likely to be calm and sleepy. 

Up to 1 Year:

Photos of your baby can be taken at home or at a location of your choosing. Consider selecting props, like a toy, a blanket or an article of clothing, to highlight your baby’s personality and to allow him or her to engage in an activity for more relaxed, natural photographs. In selecting objects, clothing and location for the session, consider what you would most like to remember about this period in your baby’s life when you enjoy the photos in years to come.


For children older than 1 year, taking your photo session into the great outdoors can provide ample opportunity for candid moments of wonder and fun. Let your little one explore plants, wildlife, rocks and more in a safe outdoor location. Being in a park or other natural setting provides perfect light for photography, adds beauty, and can keep your little one happily occupied during the process of getting great images.


Children and birthday cake can make for some unforgettable moments. Capture the memory of those first birthdays with a cake smash photo session. Frosting on a delighted little face adds humour and joy to those special occasions – and reminds you of the sweetness of youth.


Before, during and after your session

Many clients wonder what they should expect during their photo session. We create a fun, personal experience for you and your family so that when you receive your finished photographs, you’ll cherish not only the images themselves, but also the memory of creating them. If you are relaxed and happy during your session, that will shine through in your photographs as we capture the moments that show why you are unique.
On the day of the photo session, we will meet at the location we have chosen together, and the creative fun will begin. Expect the session to take between one and two hours. You’ll want time to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera as we bring out and capture your personality. On picture day, it’s important for you and your family to be yourselves so your photographs can communicate who you really are. A fun and relaxing photo session results in great portraits you can treasure.
From the hundreds of photos taken during the shoot, the special ones are carefully selected.  The selected photographs are professionally retouched to bring out the best qualities.