DSC_4713DSC_4713 Family Portrait Clothing Tips

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is what to wear on the day of the photo shoot. There are lots of things family members could wear for a family portrait shoot, but for the portrait to turn out well, it's important that the family wardrobe is carefully planned. We've put together this guide based on our own experience with what looks great on camera.  
1. When choosing clothing for the family portrait, I suggest that every family member wear the same tone, not necessarily colour.  Please, be wary of stripes, busy patterns, plaid, words and logos on your family's clothing. These things can be a distraction from your beautiful family.  I like to keep the focus on the subjects. Simple clothing choices, such as loose fitting solid colours, are best for creating timeless family portraits. 
2. Jeans, khakis, overalls, sun dresses; are classics for children and photograph very well. I especially recommend boys in jeans and plains tees, and girls in simple sundresses; weather permitting of coarse. Please dress in the colour white sparingly, for this colour often reflects light strongly. I suggest bringing a few outfits and allowing me to help you make the final decision on what would best suit the look and feel you are trying to achieve.
3. Hats and accessories such as scarves and funky belts can be very effective. If children are being photographed together, choose clothes that are similar in style to give a more coordinated look. I love bare feet, and kids love it too. If you prefer shoes, please make sure they are in good shape, and not scuffed. 
4. If you want a trendier look for your child, then that changes things a bit! I love the timeless looks in the clothing previously mentioned, but also enjoy photographing a session with a trendier feel to it. I still caution against bold logos and the colour white.
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Picking out props

Featuring an object in your photos can add interest and character to your photos. In choosing props, it’s important to consider what objects have personal meaning for you and your family. Whether it’s something with historical meaning for you, an item that represents a hobby or passion, or something that communicates an idea that is important to you, your props should help convey what is unique about you. A good prop might be a musical instrument, a book, an item of jewellery or even a family pet. Whatever you choose, it should be something that evokes emotion or makes a statement about you.
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